Our Quality Policy

Işıldar Group of Companies / Our Quality Approach

Işildar Apache, to grow together with its suppliers, integrating with consumer brand in the world, to increase the efficiency and profitability with its employees it was identified as the main target. Our philosophy shines as Apache, acting in accordance with the laws and ethical rules, engaged in manufacturing an approach with an emphasis on nature and the environment, giving importance to the protection of consumers and raising awareness, who are in search of high-quality new products, carefully evaluating the human resources, and a group of quality philosophy is to embrace the participatory form of management.

Total Quality in every area of ​​our business

Perform customer happiness with the participation of all employees, continuous improvement, based on data, company dealing in creativity and overall stability;

  • The ability to meet standards
  • Continuity and reliability
  • Timely and deliver the desired amount
  • Logistics've presentation techniques
  • Flexibility
  • Product availability
  • Product development
  • Payment periods and finance
  • sensitivity assessments and recommendations on consumer issues
  • Abundant and continuous quality spare parts can be found
  • Powerful and extensive service network throughout the country to spread
  • After-sales services
  • Quality and affordable
  • Wide range of economical accessories and equipment

such that they should be in constant development for implementing every step of the manufacturing criteria.

Improving business processes in order to do the self-assessment meetings and review meetings ATV, Electric bike, Scooter and are integrated into the process by examining best practices in the industry Motorcycles, being overtaken joint action with business stakeholders, their views are taken into account, whilst improving common processes and practices.

It is regarded as a value chain approach based on the cost of each process and the processing efficiency of the process by the creation of value added to the operation for continuous improvement while providing steps, thereof in parallel, new technology and increase productivity and improvement in key processes are carried out using information technology.