Işıldar Group of Companies / Belt Height Trust

Işıldar Group of Companies, 1977 It was established in year, so far, it is an established family companies operating in different areas. Halen; automotive, motorcycles and motorcycle accessories, disabled vehicles, agricultural machinery, Manufacturing construction materials, white goods and has been active in the education sector.

The main philosophy of the Group; Knead day developing products with their values ​​and understanding of the people and to create solutions always focusing on its needs and be the pioneer of innovation. developing experiences over the years in various sectors, today APACHI, Işıldar, GERKAP offers branded products. Strong sales organization, extensive dealer and service network with ATV, motorcycle, UTV engine and it took its place in the industry with a reputable e-bike products. purpose, high-quality products, Designed to deliver new affordable to the end consumer, End of the need to keep selling all kinds of support needed at the highest level.

The objectives of the Group; His areas of investment, Is continuing on the path ending with the world's leading enterprises and regeneration determination to take its place among the valuable brands. new investment and R & D activities in this cause continues without interruption.