Mission and Vision


ATV and motorcycle industry, The mission of our company is a pioneer, Our country needed ATVs, tractor, motorcycles and electric vehicles, to produce produced in the world to compete with the latest models and technologies. In this process; realistically analyze the needs of the sector in Turkey, taking care not to be compatible with economic and environmental, It is to meet the needs of the end consumer.


motor vehicles and meet the individual needs of each institution in Turkey and using these tools, be there as a partner in life.

Işıldar Group of Companies, first with the aim to provide better products and services to our valued customers Antalya Organized Industrial Zone It has opened a new factory. Annually about 20.000 Total capacity with various ATV, T3 ATV Tractor, Electric and Fuel, 2 and 3 wheel motor vehicles production is planned.

Our factory equipped with new production technologies, Turkey needs a new and powerful model that is produced.

Intensive R-D of our desire to work with our valued customers and we hope to meet the quality expectations.

You are also most recently in Antalya OSB 1.Kısım 2.Cad We expect our new address.