Frequently asked Questions

How can I buy your products?

Our product line at the top of our website distributors and services Press the button, Find your nearest dealer provinces of address information can be found at. You can request the products we offer our dealers on our site for sale. To achieve our Dealer, in the upper portion e-mail from addresses; You can apply for a request for information. also Contact us If you press the button too, here you may want to help with the appropriate disclosure form.

How can I find technical information about your products?

We have a detailed technical knowledge of our products in sales. For more details or from the e-mail address 0 242 331 30 30 You can request the necessary information from our phone line.

How can I get more detailed information about your campaigns?

You can learn through our dealers who participate in the campaign. For current campaign and dealers participating in the campaign email address and You can get information on the page. You can check our products from our nearest dealer.

Did it have a backup piece of each product you sell?

Our products include all kinds of spare parts to meet demand, It is offered for sale. You can apply as follows demand for spare parts.

Your product is guaranteed for several years?

Our products, as stated in the statutory warranty conditions 2 year is guaranteed.

How do I assure Spare Parts?

For all kinds of spare parts request, brand and model of your vehicle Spare Parts Price List Press the button, Please select the relevant list. List of products that you have your demands in the picture, Get the code of spare parts.. on the left menu Spare parts request form Send us your filling. Please, spare parts to get the information you want by checking the accuracy of; Enter the telephone number and address where we can contact you with information. Requested parts for the email we sent you to pay the fee specified 0 242 331 3030 Seek help from your phone. Your User Name(Your e-mail) Using your password with you and that you want from the field of virtual pos(all) You can pay by debit card. replacement parts in the Virtual POS payment is paid as a single shot, detailed information in the description section, Enter your request along with the content.

Service and our dealers, order and pay for their assigned user name, To the inlet at the top of the site with a password, They reach the relevant section. If you do not enter your user name and password of the applicant, Please fill in the relevant places. When the transactions are completed, the information you phone call for confirmation, You have entered your username and password, you can make all kinds of transactions with. also 0 242 331 3030 Are you able to request information about opening the phone. The site allocated for the section you can buy all kinds of products, You can review the terms of the appropriate campaign and the campaign bank in appropriate circumstances you can make your payment by credit card by taking advantage.

How do we supply spare parts under warranty?

Please refer to our warranty conditions on our products for service. for conditions not covered under warranty please see the Warranty Booklet in detail.

Service and our dealers; declaring that can guarantee material as claimed in claimed in scope as set out in 6. In addition, the guarantee documents and scans with skener guarantee application form‘ by filling our address or 0 212 355 75 74 It will be done from the time you send to our fax number.