Our values

Işıldar Group of Companies / Our Principles and Values

What our customers is our most important Existence.

create value for our customers, Our first priority is to respond to the expectations of the quality and stability.

To be "the best", Our target is indispensable.

quality, in service, Our sources of supply and dealer relationships, be the best investment options offered to the shareholders and the public that we have to protect that image is our main goal. The areas to undertake management activities to achieve the goal, and our basic principles shown to be a leader in the market.

Outstanding work ethic and most importantly have formed what is our policy to comply with honest work.

fair in all our relationships, to provide mutual benefit, to act in good faith and understanding, Our policy is always to comply with the laws and ethical rules. Today, instead of bringing people and our responsibilities to future generations, We are the pioneer and give up I will not be our another basic principle. for Turkey and the world, environmental protection and conscious of our duty to spread this awareness.

Işıldar Group of Companies